Roof Repairs and Maintenance


Commercial or residential we carry out roof inspections, comprehensive reports of the outcomes, and thorough roof repairs. We complete preventative maintenance to extend the life of your longrun metal or membrane roof.

Roof repairs

A roof leak can end up causing damage that costs thousands of dollars to resolve. Avoid this by getting one of our expert team at NZ Roofer to thoroughly inspect your roof, and present you with a comprehensive roof repair report that offers you clear recommendations about the best way to fix the problem. We will advise you on the repair option that offers long-lasting and effective weather tightness. It isn’t always necessary to replace a roof if it’s leaking or has been damaged. Often it can be repaired- we are experts at leak detection and repairs of Longrun metal and membrane roof profiles. We are an approved applicator for Viking Roofspec products.

Roof repairs may include anything from re-caulking if silicone has degraded, or replacing sections of the roof, penetrations or flashings if the roof is deteriorating due to age.

Contact us today – fix a small leak today to prevent big problems later.

Preventative maintenance

The roof is your first line of defence against weather. Regular servicing and maintenance may save you time and money- identifying small problems before they become big issues. A roof will deteriorate over time and a scheduled roof service is a cost effective way to maintain and extend the life of your roof.

We will work with you to create a regular schedule to visit and check the roof, offering solutions and roof repairs as needed. Comprehensive roof reports are provided when required.

Give us a call to arrange a preventative maintenance visit that can save you money over the course of your roof’s lifespan.

Comprehensive roof reports

Our comprehensive roof reports provides customers with photos of the roof, details of any problems and recommendations for repairs. We provide costings and all other information in order for you to make an informed decision. Contact us to get a report on your commercial or residential roof.

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